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The Phlox Run, Sunday, June 9th, 2019

For the last 9 years, Runner’s Den has organized a fun, technical, trail run that begins in Brant Park in Brantford, and runs along the Grand River from Brantford to Paris. It is a 6k, 10k, and 25k race that is called the Phlox Run because of the beautiful Phlox Flower that is visible in many areas during the run. It is compared at times to…”running through a sea of purple”.


Run will be held on Sunday June 9, 2019

Great news! This year, in celebrating our 10th Anniversary of the Phlox Run, we are having a  2k, KID’S FUN RUN,  ages 6-12! It will be an official run with bibs and chip time. We won’t have age categories, due to the different ages, but everyone will get something!! We will make sure their experience at the finish line will be a an exciting finish for them. Afterwards, we’ll have a popcorn machine, Mr. Freezies and cookies. Yay kids!! The cost is $20, until May 11th, after May 11th, $25. This fun run will start at 10:30, which gives plenty of time for those who are running the  6k  and 10k races  to be finished. (sorry tho, no babysitting is available)

2019 Phlox Run Map

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Course info:

See below, after the pictures

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Images from the 2015 Phlox Run

6k – This race agrees with everyone. If you want to do a fast trail run, looking to place well, take the lead and this will work great for you. If this is your first time running a trail run, then this run is perfect for a first time. If you are a beginner runner, and want to do something a little different, this will work for you. There is also a 6k walk, which gives you the option of walking it entirely, or doing a walk/run. This route takes you out of Brant Park, along the rail trail, over the Pedestrian Bridge, following the rail trail out to Hardy Road. Going left for approx 400m, you will then enter into a single track trail for approx. 900m. You will come back to the Pedestrian Bridge, then back to Brant Park and the finishing area. It’s a beautiful route, with a few hills.

10k – For those who want a challenging, scenic run, you will enjoy this one. It’s starts at Brant Park, taking the rail trail over the Pedestrian Bridge, you then take the single track trail under the bridge and follow that along the river, until you come the water station, which is through a grassy field. You then head back to the rail trail, and Brant Park. This route has a little bit of everything…hill, flat, slight rocky section, grass and rail trail. It’s a beautiful run, for sure.


25k– For those experienced runners, whether you run trail or not, if you are looking for something fun and challenging, this will do just that. You will love it. You begin at Brant Park, taking the rail trail, out to Hardy Road, which is the 6k route (see above) and then continue onto the 10k route. Once you hit the water station for the 10k, you will go back into the bush to continue on towards Paris, making your way back after the next water station.

All trail routes are well marked. There is one water station for the 6k route, 1 for the 10k route, and 4 stations for the 25k route.

Past Race Results
2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
6k 6k 6k 6k 6k
10k 10k 10k 10k 10k
25k 25k 25k 25k 25k

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